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If you know of a shorty in need of rescue or re homing please e-mail a picture and information about the dog to
jgccrawford@juno.com.  In addition, if you would like to volunteer as a rescue representative please contact us
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Background Picture: Copyright© All rights reserved, by Laura Alexander
Not sure, but think Russ might be a Wire Haired or English  
JRT? He is at the Bainbridge, GA shelter and was turned in
with his 6 other house mates since the owner could no
longer care for any of them' very sad, an Affenpinscher, a
Peke, a Springer Spaniel and some others >>  What a cute
face this young man, RUSS has! He's god buddies with
Roy (Springer) and they love to hang out together. He is
about 2 years old, and he is also heartworm positive. Let
me know if interested in rescuing and I can request
transport  1-229-246-0101
Hi, I am the prior owner of a Russell Terrier.   I gave him to
a gentleman that I thought would be a better dog parent
than I was able to be at the time.  I told him that he could
bring him back if it didn’t work out.  I have since moved and
am unable to have a dog where I currently live
Unfortunately, the man took the dog, Jake, up to visit his
mother who lives in Santa Rosa, CA.  His mother
complained so much about the dog that he surrendered it
to the Sonoma Humane Society where he currently is at.  I
am looking to get him into rescue and have been working
with Suzanne Kernak at the Sonoma Humane Society to
get him rehomed or into rescue. I am willing to work with
you in pick up or expenses but I am desparate to find him a
new home.  He is great little dog and really marked cute.  I
am attaching a pic of him when he was a young dog.
Unfortunately, my father put a bark collar on him when he
was about a year old and when the other dogs around him
began to bark he got shocked.  My father tried to take the
collar off of him during that frenzy and he bit my father.  I
have taken him to obedience, agility training and an animal
behaviorist.  The name of the animal behaviorist was
Lynne of Cool Dog out of Temecula, CA.  She stated that
he was not a dog that had major issues that would be hard
to resolve but rather that he was an alpha dog and needed
to be taught that he was not, in actuality, the alpha dog.  
Lynne’s method of training is positive reinforcement and
he was responding.  In addition, I have done agility training
with this dog.  I need to find him a home.  He is neutered,
has a micro-chip and is able to be registered with the
JRTA.  Are you able to help me?  Another note about
Jake:  he is cat friendly and likes to play with them…he
does not view them as prey.  He plays a little rough but he
is not one to attack cats as he was raised with them. So if
you have cats that are used to dogs he would be a good
fit.  I have done agility training with him with Jumping
K9's/Cindy Dahlberg Valdez of Temecula.  He was doing
well and with a bit more time he would have been able to
compete.  He learns extremely quickly and listens well.  He
just needs a home that can give him a lot of attention and
exercise.  I have spent a lot of time with him but he is truly
an alpha dog.  If I could only go back to that time that my
father put that shock collar on him when he was young and
change that I would.   Oh, the errors of my ways with this
dog.  I love the little character and want to find him the best
home that I can.  My lifestyle is such that I am unable to
spend the time with him that he needs. I thought that the
person I gave him too would be a good match as he works
from home but I don't think he understood "terrier" ways.  
Unfortunately, I am unable to keep him where I live now.  At
this time I cannot be the best dog parent that he needs
and want to do the best for him.  Please I will be happy to
discuss him and will help out in any way that I can to get
him the best home possible.  My home e-mail is
kateyjo@msn.com and my phone is 951-237-9756.  
Please call anytime to discuss.
This is part of an e-mail from Suzanne Kernak, the trainer,
at the Sonoma Humane Society  her phone number is 707-
542-0882:I am not aware of another Jack in our facility
(other than Jake).  Could it be that you are going to
Sonoma County Animal Care and Control?  They are not
far from us and it would be great to meet with you
regarding Jake.  I can give you the behavior assessment
results and we can discuss the next move.  I believe he is
very workable.  We have already started to counter
condition his response to having his neck/collar touched
with a lot of success.  We are also getting him to offer his
neck area to use for leashing.  I he could do fine in an
adults only home with an Experienced Pet Parent.
I look forward to talking with you and working out a solution
for Jake and Katie.