AS OF MARCH 1ST 2017, ALL FEES HAVE CHANGED! For more information please scroll

    All memberships and breeder referrals are due by January 31st of each year or they will be dropped
    from the site the following month!

    DO NOT send your packet of paperwork certified mail, it will be returned!

    EJRTCA FORMS-  To get a complete membership packet, go to each of these pages and print them out.  
    If you are unable to print the forms out, e-mail and we will get a packet to you.
    Please give Lauren two months to get your paperwork done. (8 weeks).

    Breeding Record Form

    To expedite your papers, the following tips are suggested:

    (1) COMPLETE packets.  When packets are incomplete and I have to contact you, it throws you in the
    hold pile and until I receive the rest of the information from you, you will stay there.  When I do receive
    the information from you, I do not immediately begin to work on your packet but put the new information by     
    post date and when its date comes up, I pull out your hold work and finish it. (whatever number is next) Use     
    dog's COMPLETE registration names, not nicknames, shortened names, etc on ALL papers pertaining to        
    that dog. It is very hard to look up dogs' pedigrees when nicknames have been used and I have to figure        out
    who the dog really is.

    Completed packets are:

    a.  Filled out registration application

    b.  Picture of each side of your dog

    c.  Filled out vet certificate

    d.  VERY clear, VERY legible pedigree

    e.  APPROPRIATE fees

    2.  Send smaller packets.  When someone sends me 10 dogs at a time to register, it slows down
    everyone's papers a lot.  I will sometimes pass over large packets and do smaller ones first and
    come back to the large packets so others won't have to wait so long or work on the large packet
    one at a time and do another person's packet in between each dog.

    3.  Send COMPLETE information.  When registration numbers are left out, I must search and find them to
    complete the work on the papers of the dog I am registering.

    4.  You will find it much easier to email me than call me on the phone.  If you MUST call, use my cell
    phone number listed on my web site, but you will get better, more complete answers by email.

    5.  Do not attempt to email pictures to print out.

    6.  Make sure to include the CORRECT payment.

    January '16, fees will be as follows: any questions please talk to Jana: Fees subject to change:
    You must print out the forms and mail them to Lauren. Please do not email the forms.

    *** Membership is $20.00 per family, per year.

    *** Dogs that have appropriate litter registration papers with them will be the same--$20.00 for current members
    and $30.00 for non-members and $20.00 for members.

    *** For ANY dog applying for registration that does NOT have a litter registration form with a
    submitted application, the fee will be $100.00. Unanimous vote of board members.

    *** Litter registration for non-members are $30.00 per litter regardless of size. For members the fee is $20.00.

    *** Each dog in the litter, after 6 months must apply for permanent papers, which is $30.00 per dog for non
    members and $20.00 for members.

    *** To be listed on the breeder referral page, you must be a member for a whole year  without any complaints!

    The EJRTCA registry now has close to 2300 dogs registered and 4600 back numbered dogs who we
    do not have any information on.  When a pedigree has to be built from scratch, the research can take
    up to 2+ hours. I do this on my spare time so please take note that it can take up to 8 weeks to
    process your paperwork if completed correctly. If you make sure to follow the guidelines listed
    above, this will insure your paperwork can be done quicker without any delays. Thank you so much
    for supporting our registry and our endeavor to perpetuate the English Jack Russell and continue to
    improve the quality of the breed.

    If you are not in the USA, please pay through PayPal ONLY. Please make all checks payable to the

    Send completed packets to:  

    c/o Lauren McWilliams
    14405 Highway 98, Magnolia, AR 71753

    Phone: (318) 286-7151