ARTICLE I - NAME The name of this organization shall be the English Jack Russell Terrier Club
Alliance, Inc. hereinafter referred to as The Alliance and /or EJRTCA.

ARTICLE II - LOCATION The territory of The Alliance shall consist of the US and its territories; and
The Alliance's principal connections shall be with the web site and through the Office of the

ARTICLE III - PURPOSE The purpose of The Alliance is to devote the collective interest of short Jack
Russell Terrier breeders and fans toward the improvement of the breeding, showing, and loving of
Jack Russell Terriers; to provide a web site for the exchange of ideas and knowledge concerning Jack
Russell Terriers. To encourage members to double register so they can show with the UKC and AKC.
The education and enjoyment of those interested in the breed; and last, but certainly not least, to
provide a registry to maintain the purity and integrity of the dog we have come to love best.

ARTICLE IV - MEMBERSHIP Individual or families (combined-one in the same) open to any
individual who loves and wants to maintain the integrity of the short-legged Russell, regardless of
their status or affiliation with any other club.

ARTICLE V - DUES Annual dues are $20 per year and members will receive discounted rates on
registration and other fees.

ARTICLE VI - VOTING The board of trustees will be the voting members of this organization and
must be members in good standing and dedicated to the promotion of the Jack Russell Terrier.

ARTICLE VII - OFFICERS A) The officers of The Alliance shall be:

Vice President

B) Each officer shall be a member in good standing.

C) With the exception of the trustees, each officer shall serve from the annual election meeting until
their successors are elected and qualified at the next annual meeting. Any officer may be re-elected
to the same office for consecutive terms.

D) The Board of Trustees shall consist of up to ten members, including all officers.

E) The duties of the officers shall be those duties usually exercised by corporate officials with like
designations, except as otherwise stated in these Bylaws.

F) The Board of Trustees shall fill vacancies occurring in the officers until the next scheduled
election meeting.

ARTICLE VIII - MEETINGS Meetings shall be held bimonthly or more often at the discretion of the
officers. Meetings may be held in person, or in phone conferences.

ARTICLE IX - FINANCIAL A) The Alliance account - The funds of The Alliance Account shall be
deposited to the account of EJRTCA in the bank where the treasurer is located and administered by
the current treasurer of The Alliance. Officers shall be reimbursed for any expenses incurred while
performing the dudes of the club such as postage, web site updates, paper, printing, embossing, etc.,
provided they furnish a copy of or the original receipt of the merchandise purchased. This
organization shall be operated as a non-profit organization and is not intended for the financial
benefit of any member. Any excess moneys will be used to promote The Alliance/Jack Russell Terrier.

ARTICLE X - PUBLICATIONS Monthly updates will be posted on the web site as well as access to
current forms and information about the club. Those wishing to ask questions about the club may
do so on the site. We will not endorse nor denounce any other club. We are not allied together to
destroy anyone, just to enjoy our dogs.

ARTICLE XI - EFFECTIVE Copies of these By-laws shall be provided to anyone desiring them and
each officer shall have one in his possession.

ARTICLE XII - AMENDMENTS Amendments to these by-laws must be presented in writing to the
Board of Trustees at least one month in advance of the next meeting; notice of proposed
amendments shall be posted on the web site. A majority of 5 officers must vote in favor for a new
amendment to be accepted.

ARTICLE XIII - ENACTMENTS These By-laws shall become effective immediately upon approval of
the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of The Alliance/EJRTCA.