Below is a list of reputable breeders listed in alphabetical order by state. The club "EJRTCA" is NOT responsible
for deals made between a breeder (seller) and the buyer. The EJRTCA is also NOT responsible for members web
pages or the content on their websites.  Member breeders wishing to be listed here should contact
Crawford for a list of requirements. One of the requirements is. You must be a member in Good Standing for one
year before you can become eligible.

As of January 1, 2007 listings on the breeder's referral list will be dropped if they are not actively registering all
dogs and litters with the EJRTCA. Furthermore, dues, other fees, and listings must be current.  Any litters
posted on your website must be registered with the EJRTCA.  At anytime you may be dropped if you do not
follow the rules and code of ethics. If you find you have been dropped you must contact
Jana to be reinstated.

Breeders who are actively selling pups that are not EJRTCA registered will be dropped from the breeder's
referral exceptions.  The fee to register ANY dog that does not have EJRTCA litter registration papers
has been raised to $100.00.   We suggest that you get all paper work from the breeder before you leave with
your new family member.

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MaryAnne Busenitz


Kelly Goswick

Paka Jack Russells
Connie & Wamo Mathewson


Hobbit Hill Jack Russell Terriers
Karen Adams
Hobbit Hill Jack Russells Facebook Page

Judy Gabbard


Colorado Shorty Jacks
Vicki Watts


Brightjacks Shortiejacks
Gonzo and Gertie Albright
Brightjacks Shortiejacks Facebook Page


High Meadow Terriers
Bobbie Johnson


Hickory Hills JackS
Elly Stremsterfer
Hickory Hills JackS Facebook Page


Russellville Farms
Jana Crawford
Russellville Farms Facebook Page

Meyers Hunt Terriers & Jack Russells
Jason & Janet Meyers
located in Magnolia, AR